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Wed May 6 10:09:35 CEST 2009

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Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> The community work seems to be slowing down now (because of the
> summer?) 

My guess would be that a whole lot of people have realised that their
$400 Neo is better used as a boat anchor, and put them on ebay. or in
the microwave.

> OM2009 testing 2 was released some days ago. So far ~3 e-mails on the
> list about it.
> New version of Mokomaze was released some days ago, too. Around 50 mails.
> To me this tells that people are more interested in Mokomaze than OM2009.

Agreed - more people are interested in mokomaze, because they know what
kind of godawful crap to expect from OM and are avoiding it like swine
flu... which is strangely poetic IMHO (the metaphor of "Neo as Swine
Flu", that is).

I'm starting to think that OM's real goal has always been to *not*
produce a working distro, in the hopes that some genius would come along
and do it for them. At which point they could say "we don't need to make
it work, Guy X has given us the excellent Distro Y"...

I mean, look at it from the company's perspective: They already have
your money, and they know that they're totally mismanaged and will die
out before producing another device. Also they're a dodgy Taiwanese
company which makes them very difficult to prosecute under the consumer
protection laws of less dodgy countries (even though they are
technically legally bound by those laws), so what's in it for them to
produce working software?

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