[Om2008.x] Announcing BlueMoko 1.0b1

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed May 6 11:10:48 CEST 2009

Dear list,
this is for announcing the first beta release of BlueMoko, a PyGTK GUI 
handler for the bluetooth stack.
ATM the program handles powering on/off, mode setting (visible, 
invisible, connectable), scanning for devices and pairing (with PIN too) 
but only with headset devices (pc, smartphone and others are planned in 
future versions).
What works: A2DP support, connects with headset (tried with a Calypso) 
and routes default PCM audio to it so players can output directly 
without any modifications
Partially working: headset profile, I have still some issues (I think 
depending on ALSA configuration but can't find an always reproducible 
way to handle it) so sometimes it works other time not...plus, after 
pairing with the headset you have to manually (ATM) handle the alsa 
state loading during the call (using the alsa state provided by Angus in 
the Wiki)
Not working: connecting with other BT devices but audio.

I still don't support FSO based distributions as I have no time to 
install them but some friends will help me (or anyone who want to 
participate is welcome ;) ) and there is no opk package yet (hope during 
next weekend after some code fixing).
You can grab the sources at the project CVS here[1]: you only need these 
3 files: bluemoko-bin, bluemoko.py and bluetooth.py, simpyl copy in a 
folder and launch the bin.
The sources are based upon the older scripts provided by Angus several 
months ago (thank you very much for the starting point) and I learned to 
program python since January so don't expect good code ;) by reading the 
ShortOM source code (useful for training with PyGTK too, thanks to Luca :) )
Dependencies: PyGTK, Bluez-3.33
Final note: if the program complains about "not running on a Neo", 
probably your /sys files to access powering and resetting bluetooth are 
different from mine, so you can modify their path on rows 29 and 30 of 
the bluetooth.py source.

Thank you in advance, bye!

[1] http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/bluemoko/

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