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Bitter much? : )

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> Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> > The community work seems to be slowing down now (because of the
> > summer?) 
> My guess would be that a whole lot of people have realised that their
> $400 Neo is better used as a boat anchor, and put them on ebay. or in
> the microwave.
> > OM2009 testing 2 was released some days ago. So far ~3 e-mails on
> > the list about it.
> > New version of Mokomaze was released some days ago, too. Around 50
> > mails. To me this tells that people are more interested in Mokomaze
> > than OM2009.
> Agreed - more people are interested in mokomaze, because they know
> what kind of godawful crap to expect from OM and are avoiding it like
> swine flu... which is strangely poetic IMHO (the metaphor of "Neo as
> Swine Flu", that is).
> I'm starting to think that OM's real goal has always been to *not*
> produce a working distro, in the hopes that some genius would come
> along and do it for them. At which point they could say "we don't
> need to make it work, Guy X has given us the excellent Distro Y"...
> I mean, look at it from the company's perspective: They already have
> your money, and they know that they're totally mismanaged and will die
> out before producing another device. Also they're a dodgy Taiwanese
> company which makes them very difficult to prosecute under the
> consumer protection laws of less dodgy countries (even though they are
> technically legally bound by those laws), so what's in it for them to
> produce working software?
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