Bluetooth headsets in FSO (was: Re: [Om2008.x] Announcing BlueMoko 1.0b1)

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at
Wed May 6 14:40:38 CEST 2009

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Paul Fertser <fercerpav at> wrote:
> Franky Van Liedekerke <liedekef at> writes:
>>> And BTW, FSO-based distros should now support bluetooth headsets out
>>> of the box, one needs to follow instructions from [1].
>>> [1]
>> I beg to differ, but if those instructions mean "out of the box", then
>> all commandline things are "out of the box" as well. Commandline
>> instructions are very nice, but when you're in a car and try to pair
>> with the car bluetooth, this is not practical at all. You need a gui
>> there...
> You Qtopia guys seem to have a quite unusual (for a unix hackers) POV
> ;)

then you try to enter your commands on your FR in your car ... I think
I just as well can put my phone aside, drive to my destination, tell
them to wait half an hour, go back and start typing :-)

> Framework already supports BT headsets. The fact GUI is missing shows
> the lack of interest from end-users, well, i think it'll change soon.

hmm ... I thought end-users were people actually using the phone, not
unix-hackers ... but I saw the announcement of a bluetooth gui for
Om2008, aboeit for bluez3. Oh wait, that's what qtopia does as well
:-) But since the newer kernels are there: no bluez3, thus no qtopia
bluetooth ... hopefully for Om2009 final that'll change.

>> Also, the person that wrote that wiki says "However, I couldn't get an
>> actual voice over it, just crackling". If this is no longer true,
>> somebody should change it.
> Somebody should finally try to use this support and report the
> findings. Of course, Jan, who wrote the code, tried it and it worked
> for him. And BTW please take into account it seems that not all
> headsets are compatible with BT chip we use (at least it was the case
> some time ago, i guess i need to try again with my not-working headset
> and latest bluez and bluetooth-testing kernel branch).

heh, trying to get your non-working headset to work, are you? :-)


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