[SHR] emacs package

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed May 6 17:10:58 CEST 2009

>> It's been asked before but I can't find any references to a package  
>> for emacs. Does such exist? If not, how can I get emacs running -  
>> doesn't need to be xemacs as I'm quite happy to run it either in  
>> terminal or via a remote session.
> I install joe which includes jmacs an emacs-like editor.

I also recommend Zile if you're looking for a "poor man's Emacs".
Among the "small emacs-like editors", it's the one that's closest to
the real thing (both visually and in its behavior).


PS: And on my Debian-i686 desktop, Zile is about 1/3 the size of Joe.

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