shr-testing pimlico window size and power shortcut

jeremy jozwik jerjoz.forums at
Wed May 6 17:33:30 CEST 2009

hello again folks.

question 1:
last night i installed the 2 availabile parts of the 4 part pimlico
set of tools. tasks works well but dates[calendar] is having some

when started in the upright position the magnify button is place
outside of the visible window. when started in the clockwise 90*
position the magnify button shows. keeping the dates app open then
rotating the screen back to upright and the magnify button magically
re-appears into the visible window.

switch to the GTK-theme and the magnify button has no issues at all.

so.. is there anyway to set the max window size with .desktop files? i
added X-home-applet-maxwidth=480 but that did nothing to help.

question 2:
for some reason or another i seem to be setting my power settings to
different was quite often. and my impatience is starting to show.
loading shr-settings then waiting to it to open, then loading the
power module and waiting for it to open are getting to me. is there
any way that i can make a desktop shortcut that only fires the power
module? ive noticed that i can switch between "power" and "settings"
with the task switcher which makes me think they are separate entities

- jeremy

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