shr-testing pimlico window size and power shortcut

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at
Wed May 6 17:40:22 CEST 2009

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 17:33, jeremy jozwik <jerjoz.forums at> wrote:
> question 2:
> for some reason or another i seem to be setting my power settings to
> different was quite often. and my impatience is starting to show.
> loading shr-settings then waiting to it to open, then loading the
> power module and waiting for it to open are getting to me. is there
> any way that i can make a desktop shortcut that only fires the power
> module? ive noticed that i can switch between "power" and "settings"
> with the task switcher which makes me think they are separate entities

"shr-settings --help" will help you :)

I think you are interested in that command:
shr-settings Power shr_pm.Pm shr_device_timeouts.Timeouts

That's part from shr-settings code, which lists available modules and
defines default categories:
        dirs = [    [_("Phone"),"icon_phone.png",
[ 'shr_gsm.Gsm', 'shr_call.Call', 'shr_sim.Sim' ] ],
[ 'shr_profile.Profile', 'shr_currentprofile.CurrentProfile' ] ],
      [ 'shr_wifi.Wifi', 'shr_gprs.Gprs', 'shr_usb.Usb', 'shr_bt.Bt' ]
                    [_("GPS"), "icon_gps.png",                 [
'shr_gps.Gps' ] ],
   [ 'shr_clock.Clock' ] ],
                    [_("Power"),"icon_power.png",  [
'shr_battery.Battery', 'shr_display.Display', 'shr_pm.Pm' ,
'shr_device_timeouts.Timeouts' ] ],
 [ 'shr_services.Services' ] ],
                    [_("Others"), "icon_others.png",
                    [ 'shr_test.Test' ] ]

In command line you can use all of them and combine it to your own
group. For instance, i'm using that command when holding AUX button:

shr-settings "AUX menu" shr_profile.Profile shr_display.Display shr_pm.Pm

If you have more questions about shr-settings, feel free to ask me :)

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