[shr-testing] kernel with working g_ether to Windoze connection?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Wed May 6 18:12:43 CEST 2009

Vasco Névoa <vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt> writes:
> I would, but I don't think my employer would agree. :)
> I use nothing but FLOSS everywhere, except of course at work, where I  
> have to use the "official workstation software"... :P
> And it is very handy to hack the latest tweaks on my neo while waiting  
> for a compilation to finish... ;)
> Right now, the Neo is networkless with SHR-testing in a Windows environment:
> - wifi is no good;

Would you mind sharing the details? Which AP, what particular

> - bluetooth way too complicated;

Not any more complicated than with any other GNU/Linux device.

> - GPRS stalls and doesn't allow opkg update, so forget upgrade....

Well, probably it'll be solved with the new abyss muxer.


Why don't you just specify which kernel revision works and which
doesn't? How any kernel dev is supposed to solve your problems if you
even don't properly describe it? Why don't you use the kernel that
worked on your FR in the meantime?

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