Enlightenment and .desktop file (with autostarting)

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On Wed, 6 May 2009 20:04:58 +0200 Laszlo KREKACS
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> Hi!
> I hope my questions are mainly rtfm ones, so someone can provide me
> the right links;)
> Short story:
> I installed om2009, and after I installed paroli from git.
> I could launch the new paroli (latest git) from command line.
> So I thought a little modification in /usr/share/paroli.desktop would be
> enough.
> I changed in the desktop file the Exec and TryExec line, but when I clicked on
> the Desktop button, nothing happened (didnt launch paroli).
> I even restarted the phone hoping it will magically load. But it
> loaded instead the
> old paroli application! even when no .desktop file existed for it.
> So I suspect there are definietly some caching mechanism inside E, and this
> is the reason why paroli failed to launch.

the only cache is a runtime cache in ram - none on disk. and restart of e
(including its own restart) will completely rebuild it from disk. it does
monitor files and on changes, reads them. there could be a race condition with
a partially written file by the time e reads it. so chances are... your command
is just wrong. if it can change the name - its loading all the fields, and then
running them. e may have a different $PATH in its environment than your shell
remember, so use full paths to be explicit.

> Because when I changed every name in the .desktop file:
> Name, GenericName, Comment
> The icon magically begun to work. But when I start the phone the *old* paroli
> gets loaded. (I need to close it, and start the new one via the desktop
> button)

that'd be starting prolie via some other means - like startup scripts
in /etc/X11/Xsession.d - dig around in /etc/X11

> So my question are:
> 1. Where are the autolaunching application defined (paroli starts
> automagically)
> 2. How can I force E to reload the .desktop file and execute it and
> not the old (cached) one.

it should do it automatcally. an e restart will force everything to reload
(killall -HUP enlightenment).

> 3. How can I make sure the E autolaunch the right application?

the launching you are seeeing is not from e but from oe's Xsession script setup
- see above.

> Any idea, documentation, comments are appreciated!
> Im playing since hours with this problem.
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo
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