Intone (0.30 - beta release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Thu May 7 02:12:58 CEST 2009

2009/5/6 c_c <cchandel at>:
>  If I understand you correctly, you're looking at adding a folder and
> letting
> intone play it.
>  As of now, if you add the root folder of your music to intone, you'll
> get all your folders added as albums and playlists automatically. Then - you
> just use the playlist you want (which is the same as selecting that folder).
>  Or am I missing something you want?

sorry, that was badly explained - i was saying it's great as is. no
need to change anything (imo)!

>>>>  Do you want id3 tags in the list too?
>>>yes, that'd be great. so long as it doesn't slow things down too much
>  It *will* slow down the initial scan at the very least. And increase
> dependency on another set of libraries. Let me think over this.

oh, in that case, i'm not that keen on adding it. i like how it's nice
and responsive at the moment, even on slow hardware

> Robin Paulson wrote:
>>>>  The new version will also have sliders for bass and treble.
>>>i'd say: keep it simple and leave the sliders out
>  I was looking at controlling the bass and treble levels in the WM8753 tone
> control. Not software based.

oh, i see. got you. is there a global mixer for doing this? might be a
better way, rather than re-creating what's already there

>> oh, one other thing - can you make the play button change to a pause
>> symbol when it's playing?
> :-) That's been one thing I've always managed to miss in every release. Will
> do that this time.

cool. not a biggie

looking forward to the new release

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