Intone (0.30 - beta release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Thu May 7 03:03:09 CEST 2009


Robin Paulson wrote:
>>>  Do you want id3 tags in the list too?
>>oh, in that case, i'm not that keen on adding it. i like how it's nice
>>and responsive at the moment, even on slow hardware
 I'm still considering this. Will investigate the actual performance hit 
after this weekend's release. If it is acceptable at the time of the 
initial scan, I'll include this in a later release.

Robin Paulson wrote:
>>oh, i see. got you. is there a global mixer for doing this?
 Yup, I'll just use amixer to set the values.

Robin Paulson wrote:
>> can you make the play button change to a pause  symbol when it's playing?
Already Done.
Ok. So here's what's done.

  * Bass and treble sliders
  * better sizes (imo) 
  * dbus integration - prevent suspens and pause on incoming call
  * alternate ciew with id3 and album art 
  * default icon if no album art exists
  * some clean ups
  * icon change of play button to pause when playing

In process
  * saving and restoring system volume, bass and treble settings for exit
and pause
  * album art icon sizing
  * getting song info for the alternate view when not playing
  * scanning files without extension crash

  Should be done by the weekend.

  One more thing, since now SHR, OM 2009 (unstable) and FSO all use the
newer e libraries,
I'm thinking of moving over to them. Just wanted to know if there are people
still using older
distributions - in which case I'll have to release 2 diff packages.

  For those on the newer libraries - a pre-release version is attached
below. Just wanted to
get some early feedback on the dbus stuff mainly - as also any other
relevant points.

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