[shr-testing] kernel with working g_ether to Windoze connection?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Thu May 7 10:21:01 CEST 2009

Vasco Névoa wrote:
> I would, but I don't think my employer would agree. :)
> I use nothing but FLOSS everywhere, except of course at work, where I  
> have to use the "official workstation software"... :P
> And it is very handy to hack the latest tweaks on my neo while waiting  
> for a compilation to finish... ;)
> Right now, the Neo is networkless with SHR-testing in a Windows environment:
> - wifi is no good;
> - bluetooth way too complicated;
> - USB doesn't work;
> - GPRS stalls and doesn't allow opkg update, so forget upgrade....
> I just find it strange all this back and forth, one version it works,  
> the next it doesn't, then it works again, then not.... is that patch  
> so difficult to keep alive??

When you use testing/unstable, you are part of the development. You are 
using stuff that is *not* regression tested before releasing. The 
"stable" distribution will likely be better in this respect, but "stable 
"hasn't happened yet.

You can at least get wifi back by using a 2.6.28 kernel (available as
older kernel images). This apparently works well with the latest 
"testing", - if you also install the package with modules for that 
kernel. If you skip the modules, some other things (sound++) will fail. 
wifi will be back regardless.

Also, USB networking works fine with the later kernels that break wifi, 
so any networking fix will need to be done on the windows machine. Linux 
  (on the PC) also needed a change in the usb networking setup when the 
phone got a 2.6.29 kernel. So I expect that windows users need to do 
something too.  This will likely not be reverted. As explained elswhere, 
the phone is now reporting the correct assigned MAC address for its usb 
network interface, it was wrong before. A networking setup that expects 
the old mac address will fail, so just change it!

I guess other windows users can help you out with the details on how 
this is done?

Helge Hafting

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