Bluetooth headsets in FSO

DJDAS djdas at
Thu May 7 10:56:16 CEST 2009

Paul Fertser ha scritto:
> DJDAS <djdas at> writes:
>> Franky Van Liedekerke ha scritto:
>>>> Framework already supports BT headsets. The fact GUI is missing shows
>>>> the lack of interest from end-users, well, i think it'll change soon.
>>> hmm ... I thought end-users were people actually using the phone, not
>>> unix-hackers ... 
>> That's why I wrote it ;)
> It's very nice you work on it. Too bad you use a dead-born deprecated
> distro ;)
Well, to be honest I'm a maintainer of a distro called FDTF based on 
Om2008.9+FDOM(September version) I customized for the Italian community 
at I still use it because it's quite 
stable, telephony works (little qtopia bugs but it's daily usable) and 
with the community suggestions I added various customizations in the 
startup scripts, keyboards, themes and so on. I'm stuck with it because 
I have no much time to re-test everything in FSO-based distros and I 
don't like their telephony-PIM (qtopia IMHO still rocks hard).
So this is my development environment with pros & cons obviously, but I 
think it's better to have a daily quite stable phone rather than 
something updated but quite unusable, I'll wait for real stable releases 
with no one who wants to recreate the wheel from scratch after something 
goes wrong at the end of the job ;)

> As Franky already mentioned, bluez3 and bluez4 interfaces are
> completely different, so porting won't be that easy :-/

No probs ;) It's just a matter of code
> One of the reasons FSO integrates functionality of powering and
> resetting devices is exactly that. Higher level app devs shouldn't be
> bothered with kernel changes, FSO quickly adopts to it and you receive
> all updates free. In fact, you might like the idea of FSO, take a look
> at specs ;)

Oh, I know and appreciate FSO way but I need something really stable and 
working, not something "randomly working after an update" :P
Seriously: as I said above I'll make BlueMoko compatible with FSO but 
for my daily use I'll stick with my FDTF until a real stable working 
out-of-the-box distro will be released ;)
Thanks you, bye!

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