Om2009 testing Release 2

Tom Yates madhatter at
Thu May 7 11:23:58 CEST 2009

On Tue, 5 May 2009, Petr Vanek wrote:

> Hi Angus,
> thank you for the info and hard work.

hear, here.  i had begun to fear that work had completely stopped on 2009 
- but this is clearly not so!

> I have been testing paroli every two to three weeks (regularly i use
> shr). today i have flashed the testing release 2 image and used it this
> afternoon. the testing release seems to be full of new features. i
> flashed it to nand, i use qi.

i have also flashed testing release 2 (1.5.2009, the paroli image) and am 
using it as my main phone (this may seem unwise, but i'd managed to roach 
2008.12 so badly that qpe reliably crashed within 60s of rebooting the 
phone).  i'd rather put my effort into going forward than replicating the 

where would you like us to report bugs?  here, or is there a tracker?  and 
what about things which are not necessarily bugs (ie, possible RFEs)?

> two times (huh, now again.. so three times) the tele crashed during
> phone call (call did not get disconnected so i could finish it.) then
> paroli restart or neo restart...

i'm getting this, both with calls made and calls received.  what can i 
provide that will help diagnose this?

> i never really understood the time changing by pressing the AUX
> button... and how do you set alarm time?

now there's an interesting feature!

> autosuspend although enabled did not work, autodim does work

i also find this.

>> Bugs fixed
>> 	Power button does not shutdown device
> not for me :)


> i still have it on so i can do more tests if necessary...

and i'll have it on for a while.

is there any documentation on the format of the paroil address book so i 
can try to get my contacts over in bulk?


   Tom Yates  -

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