[SHR] Podboy (0.0.1 - pre-alpha release)

Valery Febvre vfebvre at easter-eggs.com
Thu May 7 13:19:27 CEST 2009


Podboy is a podcast aggregator/player written in Python/Elementary.

Its interface aims to be easy and finger friendly.
It uses Feedparser Python module for download/parsing of podcast feeds,
Gstreamer for playing of episodes and SQLite for storing data.

It's still pretty alpha. Everything is subject to be changed, especially
the database so it is possible you should lose your podcasts and yours
settings with next releases.

It requires a very recent version of python-elementary so I think Podboy
can be run only under SHR :-(

* Subscription, unsubscription (confirmation dialog) to podcasts
* Check for new episodes
* Download of a single episode or all available episodes
* Delete an episode (confirmation dialog)
* Player: play/pause/stop, mute, sliders for playing position of
    episodes and volume
* Volume and playing positions of episodes are saved
* Auto-suspend is disabled during playing
* Playing is stopped on incoming GSM call

* Import/export of podcasts feeds (OPML format)
* Management of played episodes
* Automatic deletion of episodes older than x days
* GUI improvements
* ...

Possible bugs
* Freezing of the application after a suspend (Gstreamer problem ?)

Suggestions/feedback/bug reports are welcome.

Source is available at http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/podboy/

Screenshots: http://podboy.projects.openmoko.org/screenshots/


Happy listening,

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