How to use Google Map on tangoGPS

Fernando Martins fernando at
Thu May 7 19:25:00 CEST 2009

Joseph Reeves wrote:
> I've found that it's very enjoyable to travel somewhere not on OSM and
> add it later ;-) SHR + TangoGPS seems stable enough, and kind enough
> on the battery, to let me walk around for a whole day (or rather, walk
> as much as I'd want to in a day) and log everywhere I go.
How about quality of data, I mean, for instance if you have to backtrack 
in a road, will you have to delete the log and restart all over? How 
about connecting two pieces of log? What about changing direction 90º; 
if walking (or even biking or car), in reality you are not doing 90º, 
will be doing a diagonal or a curve, but one wants to provide to OSM a 
90º road connection.

Essentially I'm trying to understand how burdensome (or not) it can 
become for a simple sightseeing to also do tracking.



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