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arne anka wrote:
>> Bitter much? : )
> nope. he's just a troll.

Before I bought My Neo, I was told by OM that it would work as a phone.

Once I got it and said "WTF This doesn't work as a phone!" I was told by
OM that 2008.8 would. So I waited.

It was worse than 2007.2. I was told  that 2008.12 would be much better.
So I waited.

Was there even any difference? Sure, the animations might have been a
bit smoother, or something, but it still didn't work as a phone.

When I asked for my money back I was told that it had been too long
since I placed my order... despite the fact that the only reason I
waited so long was that I trusted OM when they said that I would
eventually get a working phone.

I contacted Consumer Affairs here in AU. They told me that OM were
legally bound by our laws (which include a clause giving me the right to
demand a refund if the item doesn't do what I was led to believe it
would do). They told me that according to the letter of the law, OM were
required to give me a refund. They also told me that since they're based
overseas, there's basically no way to enforce it.

In short: OM Have Lied to me, then violated the consumer protection laws
they're bound to by selling a Neo to an Australian Citizen by refusing
to refund my money. That means that *OpenMoko Are THIEVES*.

Anything I say about them is justified. IMO you can't be a troll if
you're in the right. And I am. I have been defrauded of $400. And so
have you. The only difference is that I'm not willing to sit around
pretending that being raped is all fun and games.

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