How to use Google Map on tangoGPS

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Fri May 8 02:07:35 CEST 2009

2009/5/8 Daniel.Li <lida_mail at>:
>> that wasn't an overly helpful link. yaouh is for updating tiles you
>> already have on your system. if there are no tiles there, it won't
>> update anything. it's more for osm, where the tiles change in some
>> areas by the day. in one area, google's rarely change in the space of
>> a year.
> I think it's OK. well, mountain area :)
>> you need to select the google repository in 'config', then drag the
>> map around to download tiles.
> I didn't see any other repository in drop down list in yaouh. And I
> didn't know where to find yaouh's config file.

when i say 'you need to select the google repository in config', i
mean in tangogps, not yaouh. there is no config or setup for yaouh. it
has one drop-down list, and one button

this bit is very important --> the repository won't appear in yaouh's
list until there are files on your system!

> So is there any manual to guide me though this? If there is, a link will
> also do.

no manual, there's no need:
1. get some tiles by dragging the map around (in tangogps),
2. when you want to update them (in the case of google tiles, maybe
once a year; in the case of osm tiles, maybe once every two weeks),
run yaouh,
3. select the repository you want to update (in yaouh),
4. hit the triangle button (in yaouh)
5. wait. it's slow - maybe 100-200 tiles/minute?

> Ah.... I just wanna download the area that I'll pass though during
> travel.

as long as it's fairly small, you'll be fine

> Is there any server that is for public service, providing service for
> software like tangoGPS? is the configured default repository; tango was
built to use maps from there. there are several others, providing
different types of data. none i know of (free, anyway - google's
service is under a strict license) with the coverage of osm though

> Or is there any website to download zipped google maps?

no, that would be against their terms and conditions

try the pirate bay

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