Ain't it funny..

David Garabana Barro david at
Fri May 8 10:58:47 CEST 2009

On Friday 08 May 2009 09:47:00 Christoph Pulster wrote:

> Please discuss different point of views and dont call Dave a troll.
> The fact is, Freerunner was promoted as a phone. A lot of customers are
> not happy with the Freerunner as a daily phone. Sales are running very
> low for this reason.

Although you might be right about Freerunner promoted as ready for final user 
on, when I bought it (August 2008), I perfectly knew 
software was not ready.

Anyway, starting one hot thread like this at this moment has not sense and 
it's some kind of trolling, because if you buzz fix your Neo, and install 
SHR, Hackable::1, or even OM2009 on it, you will have a perfectly usable 
phone. Not perfect, but perfectly usable.

> I appreciate there is a very high identification with the product among
> the remaining users. But please dont behave like this is the Scientology
> mailinglist. Using an open phone obliges you to be open minded :-)

 I'm sorry, but I cannot subscribe this kind of sentences:

" I have been defrauded of $400. And so have you. The only difference is that 
I'm not willing to sit around pretending that being raped is all fun and 

Freedom of speech doesn't allow anybody to assume I'm blind nor to be 
condescending with me.

Some time ago, I have recommended several friends *NOT* to buy a Freerunner, 
because software was not ready. It was a great toy for me, but my friends 
would get desperated. I think it's being open minded (and being a good 
friend ;)

If someone feels raped, he can press charges to OM. But complaining on a 
community mailing list won't solve his problems. Don't you think?

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