Ain't it funny..

arne anka openmoko at
Fri May 8 11:33:03 CEST 2009

> Hmmm ... I do contribute and I do use my freerunner (sometimes, mostly
> for testing only). So I want to react for once as well:

then there's no need for you to feel addressed :-)

> You see, in the end, Dale's not that wrong: a year after I bought the
> phone, I would at least expect a stable simple phone (I couldn't care
> less about the extras), but as a company, Openmoko didn't provide
> this.

well,  that has beeen discussed so many times already and nothing in the  
views expressed has changed.
i don't see how replaying the whole tape is supposed to make a difference.

criticising the state the fr and the project is in, is ok -- in fact, it  
has imo made the buzz fix finally available, it has improvroved  
communication with the om staff ...
but "it's all crap, they are liars and defraudants" is in no way solving  
anything -- and people who have nothing to post but such comments _are_  
they are not interested in making something work, not in sorting out  
issues but to boost their little selves -- iaw: trolls.

and for dale's -- i said what i think of his kind of "argumentation".

> because I don't want to recharge each day or reboot my phone every now
> and then because unsuspend fails again, or wsod, or risk having my
> phone not waking up on incoming calls, etc ...

yeah, and there we are again.
_i_ for one do not have complaints (at least no significant amount  
different from other phones i used) about the use as daily phone.
it works now about as reliable as my treo650 used to do (which had its bad  
days, too) and the last time i rebootet was for the buzz fix. i don't  
remember when i rebooted the last time before.
and still, i too have discouraged friends interested. so?

what i am saying is, everybody has its own defintion of "working phone"  
and almost everbody has its own software configuration. so, how is a  
globally true statement of "fit to be used as ..." possible?

stating "after one year the fr is still unsusable as (daily) phone" is  
simply not true!
it might be true for _you_, but it isn't for _me_ -- so please, always be  
aware that those statemants express only _your_ point of view, not an  
objective truth.

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