Ain't it funny..

W.Kenworthy billk at
Fri May 8 12:11:19 CEST 2009

Cant let this pass ...

On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 11:33 +0200, arne anka wrote:
> > Hmmm ... I do contribute and I do use my freerunner (sometimes, mostly

> yeah, and there we are again.
> _i_ for one do not have complaints (at least no significant amount  
> different from other phones i used) about the use as daily phone.

Either you dont use your phone or its powered off in a draw :) ... see
my last comment below as to why I say this.

> it works now about as reliable as my treo650 used to do (which had its bad  
> days, too) and the last time i rebootet was for the buzz fix. i don't  

I have a 650 - the FR is still a long way from being as stable even now,
as the 650 was when released.  I was getting uptimes of weeks (and now
with the sim in the FR, a battery charge lasts a full MONTH!!!) - the FR
will usually only go a few days or resume cycles before a crash or
reboot is needed and must be charged daily if any real use is made of
it.  It may go more if i dont use it, or get any calls but then, why
have a phone :)

Why am I contributing to a "flame"? - my phone came in the same batch as
Dales to Oz (the first release), and yes, I do feel cheated somewhat as
well - though I am now getting some of the service from my FR that it
was supposed to have when we purchased it - but only because I am
modifying the code for various bits and pieces.

My point - the FR seems to be very flaky - what works for some wont work
for others - in your case it works well, but for many others it is only
partially working, or not at all - and this is after 12 months!.  

Want a concrete example - the FR keeps lousy time.  otimed was
introduced to help with this - but they hard coded a European IP number
into it!  So it works fine in Europe but not here for me in Perth
Australia because its too far away to be accurate and reliable, but the
European users and devs cant see a problem as it "works for them" ...

Please understand that what you see, many others are not, and might have
a quite different viewpoint on this ...


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