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Fri May 8 14:43:16 CEST 2009

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arne anka wrote:
>> Guten Tag, Sieg Heil.
>> ...
>> beautiful and intelligent people in the world, and your country reflects
>> that... :) )
> wow.
> insulting and slimy at once!

I'd just like to say thanks for addressing the points I make in such a
calm and rational manner.

If you were capable of being rational, you would have realised that I
was referencing a totalitarian state, not a race, and then clarifying
that I am not attempting to insult a race of people and that it's
unfortunate that using your particular language happens to be a very
effective way to express that. I do genuinely feel an affinity to your
people, culture, and country.

If you think that my being honest is being "insulting and slimy", then
whatever. I have already recieved one off-list email from a
deutschlander who understood exactly what I was trying to say, so that
indicates further to me that you're just being a fanboy and not thinking
independently or even weighing my arguments - you see my posts, your
mind closes, and you say "troll" like a reflex. And that's sad.

If you would like to suggest a more appropriate way for me to have
expressed what I wanted to, I would very much like to hear it. Note
however that the sarcasm used in the greeting is important to my style,
so any suggestion you might make would have to retain that. Also it
would want to be short and effective.

Alternatively, you're welcome to address the issues I'm raising. Or you
could set up an email filter and consequently STFU. All are acceptable
to me - I'm in favour of free speech. But true free speech requires
rational dialogue, and I'm not seeing any rational dialogue from you.

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