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Fri May 8 14:47:49 CEST 2009

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arne anka wrote:
>>>> Bitter much? : )
>>> nope. he's just a troll.
>> Before I bought My Neo, I was told by OM that it would work as a phone.
> dale, you told us all of this already -- at least ten times.

Sources? I don't think it has been ten. and I've certainly not said
*all* this before.

> you put up your freerunner for sale at ebay months ago.

I don't remember ever saying that. I may have said that I was *thinking*
about it. Again, please cite sources.

> you don't write anything productive on this list.

It's productive for people who might be thinking of buying a FR.

> why don't you just shut up?

Why don't you just set up an email filter?

> unsubscribe from this list -- you don't use the fr, you don't contribute 
> to either community or development.
> the only thing you do on this list is trolling.

See my previous email - I've already addressed these assertions. come up
with something new.

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