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Fri May 8 14:50:07 CEST 2009

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Thank you very much for a rational contribution to this thread, Franky.

Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 10:44 AM, arne anka <openmoko at> wrote:
>>>>> Bitter much? : )
>>>> nope. he's just a troll.
>>> Before I bought My Neo, I was told by OM that it would work as a phone.
>> dale, you told us all of this already -- at least ten times.
>> you put up your freerunner for sale at ebay months ago.
>> you don't write anything productive on this list.
>> why don't you just shut up?
>> unsubscribe from this list -- you don't use the fr, you don't contribute
>> to either community or development.
>> the only thing you do on this list is trolling.
> Hmmm ... I do contribute and I do use my freerunner (sometimes, mostly
> for testing only). So I want to react for once as well:
> You see, in the end, Dale's not that wrong: a year after I bought the
> phone, I would at least expect a stable simple phone (I couldn't care
> less about the extras), but as a company, Openmoko didn't provide
> this. Therefore community releases were born, but they shouldn't be
> necessary, only additional (or as an alternative). In the freerunner
> case, only the community provides software for the phone.
> A year later, I have to admit, I sometimes think about selling my
> phone as well. I'm still using my old phone as stable phone, simply
> because I don't want to recharge each day or reboot my phone every now
> and then because unsuspend fails again, or wsod, or risk having my
> phone not waking up on incoming calls, etc ...
> QtExtendedImproved is as close as it gets for me ... Koolu promised
> many times a stable android release, but there also: no release,
> months after original promise (I mean, really: low priority for the
> "feature" 'entering your sim PIN' ???).
> Sometimes people have to face the facts as well. I *love* opensource,
> I don't even own a windows pc, look up my name in google if you want
> proof. I've worked hard for this phone in the last months, but is it
> really worth it? What will I do if the phone breaks? Dunno yet ...
> Every project, even an open project, totally in the opensource hands,
> can fail ...
> Franky
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