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Fri May 8 15:08:02 CEST 2009

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arne anka wrote:
> so, how is a globally true statement of "fit to be used as ..."
> possible?
> it might be true for _you_, but it isn't for _me_ -- so please, always be  
> aware that those statemants express only _your_ point of view, not an  
> objective truth.

According to Australian Laws, the customer's point of view is what
matters. That's me. Hence they're breaching Australian consumer
protection Laws by refusing to refund my money.

I invite you to read the following for a good explanation of the
Australian Laws, if you'd like more specific info:$file/A4%20Refund%20Law%20Brochure.pdf#xml=

If you think that my bringing the truth out into the open, or that my
attempting to stand up for my rights is "trolling", then I think that
your opinions are very strange, given that the Open Source philosophy is
really all about freedom, equality, and rights. I would once again
Invite you to set up an email filter :)
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