Intone (0.20 - alpha release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

Marcel tanuva at
Fri May 8 15:39:35 CEST 2009

Am Freitag, 8. Mai 2009 09:25:03 schrieb c_c:
> @kimaidou - Here's the deb package. I haven't checked it on my phone
> (since I don't have debian) and I haven't added any dependencies cause
> I don't know what the packages are called. So can you tell me the full
> names of the following packages on debian ?
>   -elementary (providing libelementary)
>   -mplayer
>   -sqlite3
> intone-0.40.deb
> @Marcel-2 - I'm not sure what you mean. I've made a deb package for
> installing intone on a debian system. I hope the latest versions of
> elementary are available for debian. This version needs the newer
> libraries.

That's the trick about it: There's no "official" elementary debian package 
yet and Mirko (?) told me some days ago on #openmoko that the python 
bindings aren't that good yet, either. (Correct my if I remember wrong) So 
the only choice is to build elm by hand since the new set of e17 packages 
which is in preparation at the moment (Joachim Breitner is working on them 
afaik, see pkg-e-devel mailinglist) doesn't contain elm yet.


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