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Fri May 8 18:12:47 CEST 2009

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Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 03:34:40PM +0200, Marcel wrote:
>> I'm sorry to contradict you (am I really?), but using Nazi slogans in such 
> I call for the rule of Godwin's Law!
> Rui

I had never heard of Godwin's Law until now! :O's_law

I was sitting here puzzling over Marcel's comment, which I didn't

"using this... deprecated language doesn't make me feel you really know
what you're referencing there."

This had me confused - I knew exactly what I meant! "Totalitarian". I
was trying to figure out what he was saying, and/or politely say "I
don't understand what you mean"...

then I read this:

"I wanted folks who glibly compared someone else to Hitler or to Nazis
to think a bit harder about the Holocaust"

and I said to myself: "Oh, shit..."

I have been very ignorant, and now realise that I have said something
very inappropriate. And I humbly and sincerely apologise for that.

I feel pretty bad about this, especially the part where I couldn't
figure out what Marcel was trying to say. Now I understand. and I feel
like a complete dick. Sorry.

Generally when I hear the word "nazi" used, it means "totalitarian", not
"monster" or "mass murderer" - think of the "soup nazi" in Seinfeld.
That's what I meant. Not the other. *At All*. Sorry.

The wiki page also says:

when an adversary uses an inappropriate Hitler or Nazi comparison, "you
have only to say 'Godwin's Law' and a trapdoor falls open, plunging your
rival into a pool of hungry crocodiles."

Oh Noes, not crocodiles! The wiki page fails to mention any possible
exclusion from this horrible fate for cases of extreme ignorance
followed by sincere repentance... is there any such exclusion, or are
the crocs already gnawing at my stupid ass?

Seriously, please accept my apologies for this. I have learned something
today. Thank you for enlightening me.

- -Dale
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