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Fri May 8 18:30:04 CEST 2009

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Marcel wrote:
> Am Freitag, 8. Mai 2009 14:43:16 schrieb Dale Maggee:
>> arne anka wrote:
>>>> Guten Tag, Sieg Heil.
>>>> ...
>>>> beautiful and intelligent people in the world, and your country
>>>> reflects that... :) )
>>> wow.
>>> insulting and slimy at once!
>> I'd just like to say thanks for addressing the points I make in such a
>> calm and rational manner.
>> If you were capable of being rational, you would have realised that I
>> was referencing a totalitarian state, not a race, and then clarifying
>> that I am not attempting to insult a race of people and that it's
>> unfortunate that using your particular language happens to be a very
>> effective way to express that. I do genuinely feel an affinity to your
>> people, culture, and country.
>> If you think that my being honest is being "insulting and slimy", then
>> whatever. I have already recieved one off-list email from a
>> deutschlander who understood exactly what I was trying to say, so that
>> indicates further to me that you're just being a fanboy and not
>> thinking independently or even weighing my arguments - you see my
>> posts, your mind closes, and you say "troll" like a reflex. And that's
>> sad.
>> If you would like to suggest a more appropriate way for me to have
>> expressed what I wanted to, I would very much like to hear it. Note
>> however that the sarcasm used in the greeting is important to my style,
>> so any suggestion you might make would have to retain that. Also it
>> would want to be short and effective.
>> Alternatively, you're welcome to address the issues I'm raising. Or you
>> could set up an email filter and consequently STFU. All are acceptable
>> to me - I'm in favour of free speech. But true free speech requires
>> rational dialogue, and I'm not seeing any rational dialogue from you.
> Dale,
> I'm sorry to contradict you (am I really?), but using Nazi slogans in such 
> an affair is completely inappropriate. You may like our country as much as 
> you want, still using this... deprecated language doesn't make me feel you 
> really know what you're referencing there. There are WAY better examples 
> for freedom of speech. This is no more rationale than you may think the 
> other's contributions to be.
> Yours sincerely,
> Marcel


> I'm sorry to contradict you (am I really?)

You shouldn't be. I was wrong, and said something inappropriate through
ignorance. Contradicting me is perfectly fine when I'm wrong - I'll
learn from it! :)

> using this... deprecated language doesn't make me feel you
> really know what you're referencing there.

Exactly. I had no Idea. I had meant one thing, and completely failed to
realise that I was also implying something far, far worse.

Please accept my apologies. I would also ask you to read my response to
Rui's message.

Kind Regards,
- -Dale
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