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Fri May 8 20:29:53 CEST 2009

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Get your facts straight...

> he doesn't use an fr 

No, I don't use one, but I own one. That's the whole problem: I had to
buy another phone, just to have a phone.

> and he does in no way contribute

> -- what do you call  
> someone who lurks on a list he is in no way affiliated to

Dunno. But that doesn't describe me.

> and posts repeatedly meanings consisting of only "your point of interest is crap,  
> everything you are talking about is crap and if you don't share my point  
> of view you are idiots and nazis"?

This is what Christoph is talking about with his scientology reference -
my emails are saying things that are not favorable to OM, and you
therefore dismiss them without even really reading them. My emails
contain significant points which you have entirely failed to address.
Instead you focus on my tone, call me a troll, and tell me to shut up
and go away.

To me it sounds like you're not interested in freedom of speech.
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