Finger friendly keyboards

Jon Levell openmoko at
Fri May 8 23:21:50 CEST 2009


So far on my FR, I've mostly been typing non-dictionary words so the
predictive keyboard has been getting in my way. I knew a few people
had created finger friendly keyboards so I had a bit of a play.

Firstly I tried EasyTouch_SHR:
But like many of the commenters on that page, it didn't work for me,
first it altered my theme but also (as I didn't remove my other
keyboards I suspect), all the keys on the keyboards overlapped each

Then I tried Michal Brzozowski's keyboard:
but I didn't like the design decision to design it around flexing
the case.

I started to create my own (which I may still do) but found if I
just used the keyboard files from the EasyTouch_SHR it worked
basically as I wanted.

I just put the keyboard files (.kbd) from and the package into 
/usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/keyboards (and moved the Default 
and Numbers keyboards to a backup directory).

It's work very nicely on a recent SHR-Testing - maybe the keyboard
files could be hosted separately or even better a minimal package
could be made that just automated that.

Has anyone else tried this?


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