Freerunner as a wireless streamplayer?

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2009/4/19 MartinG <gronslet at>

> My Freerunner has just been collecting dust for the last few months,
> and after reading a bit regarding the buzz/echo hardware/software
> problems, I sort of gave up the device.
> BUT, there has been enough complaining and moaning already, so I
> thought I'd try to find out what use I can make of the device *today*.
> In my house I've got a server that holds all my music (mainly ogg, and
> some mp3), I've got a MythTV backend (providing an upnp service
> believe), I've got a wireless network (WPA2), and some radios/stereo
> players in various rooms. Technically, the Freerunner is capable of
> connecting to an upnp server of the wlan, right? And to decode ogg,
> and send (stereo) output throught the jack, right? (if not ogg, I
> guess I could do on-the-fly recoding of ogg on the server)

Maybe a MythTV Frontend for freerunner will be a good idea.
Is this exist from Tr3vin0 ?

> I've briefly search the list and the wiki and found this:
> but I didn't find out if such an app really exists.
> Thing is, I have not yet managed to get a system up an running and
> connected to my wifi (I did have an early version of Qt sporadically
> connected, but got too frustrated by the interface). To be honest, I'm
> a bit lost regarding what distros currently exist and what distros are
> working.
> I tried the QT Extended Improved, but I guess I failed at following
> the somewhat long list of manual tweaking, so my FR doesn't currently
> boot (don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate the work done by the
> QtEI team).
> So what I ask is:
> Is it possible to download an image, simply reflash the phone, connect
> to my wlan, and opkg/ipkg install a player that is able play streams
> from my local server?
> (Is it possible to do *now*, or do I have to wait for teamA to finish
> featureX and make them talk to teamB, etc. Please be honest, I've been
> too optimistic for too long, and simply would like to know what are
> the possibilities as of today)
> best regards,
> MartinG
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