Finger friendly keyboards

Dario djdas at
Sun May 10 13:36:06 CEST 2009

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen ha scritto:
>    I'm using it on Debian, including for terminal use. The only features I
> miss are
>    - autorepeat.
>    - a smaller version for stylus use so you have more of the screen
>      available. 

In the latest version try to start from one outer region, trace 
counterclockwise til the same region and proceed 1, 2, n regions more to 
reduce 1x, 2x ,nx size ;) e.g. start from region 1, proceed to 
4-7-8-9-6-3-2-1-4  to reduce 1x time.
Rounding clockwise obviously enlarges ;)
For me too qwo rocks! :)
Bye! :)

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