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Mon May 11 02:17:05 CEST 2009

O Sábado, 9 de Maio de 2009, Craig Woodward escribiu:
> ---- David Garabana Barro <david at> wrote:
> knew what you were getting into, bravo for you.  For us, it doesn't make
> getting hit with a bat any more pleasurable, despite how much you tell us
> you enjoy it.  

You could try to understand what I mean instead of twisting my words.

> > [...] if you buzz fix your Neo, and install SHR, Hackable::1
> No... It won't.  I live in the US.  There are no buzzfix parties going on
> here, and I don't have access to the equipment I need to fix it myself. 
> And really, buzz is irrelevant to me, and fixing that one little bug does
> not fix it as a phone.  I need a phone that can use with a bluetooth
> headset, which no release of software I've found can reliably do right now.

Cannot help on this one, sorry. I haven't tried to use it. But I remember 
reading some messages on the list about it.

>  I also need something that's going to ring whenever I get a call, most of
> those distros don't do that reliably... I know, I've tried each of them
> almost a dozen times already, since each releases something new almost
> monthly.  

I bet your neo is suffering from #1024. Mine too.
Have you tried to disable Calypso deep_sleep on FSO configuration?
I stopped losing calls since I started to use SHR, which disable deep_sleep by 
default. I couldn't use Neo as phone before discovering it, and now I don't 
lose *any* single call.

Edit /etc/frameworkd.conf:

ti_calypso_deep_sleep = never           <==== Check you have this.
modemtype = ti_calypso
ti_calypso_muxer_type = gsm0710muxd

I don't know if you can disable deep sleep on any non-FSO distro.

> For YOU that combo may have worked... for ME, it's not a 
> solution.

Might be. But as now it works for me, I'm just trying to help you make it 
work. If you still want it, of course.

David Garabana Barro
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