Illume keyboard questions

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Mon May 11 13:28:14 CEST 2009


I'm pretty impressed with the illume keyboard (and was a major part of my
decision of buying the freerunner), and want to play with it a bit more.
I would like to ask some questions and would like to propose two features.

1. What are the numbers in the dictionary?
I assume they are some occurence in the given language (english by default).
So how much is 200? Or what are the hundred percent number?

So if I want to create a dictionary with only 40 words in it (and assuming
there are no other (key)words in that language) what should be the numbers?

2. Does the alphabetical order counts?
So If I write a dictionary like this:
bash 200
cat 200
python 200 <-- !!! here we go
find 200
grep 200
kill 200
killall 200
ls 200
ps 200
top 200

Does it will recognize the word "python", as they are *not* in
alphabetical order?

Feature request 1:

I would like to have different dynamic dictionary for each dictionary.
Currently we have only one dynamic dictionary under

The problem with this setup, that if I create a dictionary for my own
language and
create an another one for special purpose (which contains only 40 words).
And I regularly write english texts, native language texts and shell commands,
they will pollute each other. So the keyboard will suggest
english words in my native language and bash commands when I write english text.

Feature request 2:
I plan to write tables where one column will be english and the other
an another language.
So I would like to change the illume dictionary programatically.
Is it possible currently? (I would like to use python for the program)

Best regards,

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