[Om2009] testing Release 3

Steve Mosher steve at openmoko.com
Tue May 12 05:25:43 CEST 2009

Thanks Risto,
   I just finished my review on Sunday and made many of the same points. 
The good news is
that  (after the long boot) it was very usable as a phone. There were of 
course some annoyances
and somethings in the IU paradigm that took some getting use to

Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks for this new release, really happy to see that only a short
> time (a week?) after the previous there's already a new release with
> bugs fixed. Release early, release often, as they say :)
> I wrote some points below to show what's good, what I concider as
> bug/problem and points to discuss/wishlist/something. I'm sure some of
> it has already been discussed, some of it is just me not knowing how
> to use it (which can mean that it's not easy to use or a
> manual/something is needed) and so on. I'm happy to receive comments!
> + This actually makes FR a simple, very working phone!! (I actually
> got a 10 min call from my mum. In the end I asked and she said there's
> a small echo left)
> + ability to turn off PIN check & change pin! (I think it's the first
> distro that can do it :)
> + WLAN-tool
> + manual suspend
> + decent resume speed
> - some mess sometimes in the top of the screen
> - The button to 'go back / go to previous screen' keeps changing: In
> the menu there's a 'back' button (different size in different views)
> but in the people etc one has to know to press the top bar to go back.
> - Empty I/O shows an 'edit' button.. maybe it should be hidden and
> instead a text 'no logged events' could be shown?
> - keylock missing
> ¤ Would it be possible to add a SMS button in the 'People' -> contact
> view. Now clicking the number calls the user (intuitive? Why clicking
> the name nothing happens?). Maybe adding 'dial' and 'SMS' -buttons
> there just to make it clear.
> - If one by accidentally presses 'Enter in the PIN input view, it just
> accepts it and doesn't ask for PIN again.
> - wlan scan doesn't have a progress bar telling it's actually doing something
> - resume doesn't turn on the screen lights -> one knows it's resumed
> only by touching the screen
> - GPRS settings: if one by accident clicks 'username', 'APN', or
> 'password' instead of Connect, one actually has to re-type it because
> the 'back' button doesn't work.
> - There's nothing (no text/button) telling one should click in the
> black area to get to phonebook to select recipient in 'msgs' -> '+' or
> 'Tele'
> - Slow boot time (over 4min with Qi?)
> - the alsastatefile (kurppa.fi/freerunner/temp/gsmhandset.state_2009t3
> with Right PGA on control.63) is different from the latest 'working
> one' (with mic2) at
> http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/raw-attachment/ticket/2121/gsmhandset.state.new
> ¤ How to connect to a hidden WLAN network? How about encryptions?
> ¤ The numbers in the home view showing missed calls or received
> messages could be bigger/colorful/something or even say 'one missed
> call' or 'new SMS received'
> ¤ At some stage I saw the : in the time blinking, then it stopped. I
> think it either should blink or not but not keep changing what it does
> (without telling me what does it mean :)
> ¤ Is there a way to enable illume from command line?
> ¤ Icon that's shown before GSM network registration doesn't tell me
> anything. What does it actually represent?
> ¤ The only place where I was able to find colors was the yellow flash
> in the battery icon when recharging. Using colors in other places too
> would maybe do it easier to use?
> ¤ With hundreds of phone numbers it'd be great to be able to type at
> least the first letter, or two-three to be able to find the
> ¤ I got many 'can't init topbar/wlan/...' -messages telling that
> something failed (only on the first start)
> ¤ The date doesn't need the | -bars in the home view:  it's | Sunday,
> May 10, 2009 |    -  the bars just make it more difficult to read
> ¤ Does paroli (already / in the future?) support icons in the menus?
> Either so that there would be a icon grid or like now but every line
> would have a small icon just to make it easier to use
> ¤ GPRS settings: Should the password be hidden? (I don't know if
> anyone is really interested in GPRS passwords..)
> ¤ GPRS settings: maybe APN should be 'internet' by default, I think
> it's the most common APN?
> ¤ GPRS settings: I'd recommend reordering the items so that the
> connect would be first or last in the list.
> ¤ I/O really doesn't tell for a normal people that it's actually the call log..
> ¤ Msgs could be replaced with SMS, if something short has to be used
> ¤ Tele also doesn't make sense, I'd suggest using 'Dialer'
> ¤ How do I use the alarm? How do I change the time when to alert?
> ¤ Maybe also reordering the main menu so that the phone log would not
> be the first one?
> ¤ At some stage my FR just decided not to resume any more
> ¤ After the 10min call the UI died, I wasn't able to press any
> buttons, nothing happened. Then after waiting some minutes it started
> running again. Still the top left shows '100' instead of default or
> silent..
> So overall, concidering that this makes FR work as a simple phone I'm
> really happy! Thank you for your work, I really hope that this
> encourages the community on working on OM2009 to make it The Best
> Distribution for Freerunner :)
> r

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