It Ain't funny [Was: Ain't it funny..]

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Tue May 12 07:23:20 CEST 2009

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Now you're just trying to confuse me... ;)

...I haven't received any reply to my off-list email yet... I presume
you're looking into it?

Steve Mosher wrote:
> Best of all is to avoid hyperbolic claims of totalitarian behavior all 
> together, since the claim, if true,
> will never see the light of pixels, and if false, is self refuting.
> That's my rhetorical observation for the day.
> Dale Maggee wrote:
> Shawn Rutledge wrote:
>>>> On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:12 AM, Dale Maggee <antisol at> wrote:
>>>>> Generally when I hear the word "nazi" used, it means "totalitarian", not
>>>>> "monster" or "mass murderer" - think of the "soup nazi" in Seinfeld.
>>>>> That's what I meant. Not the other. *At All*. Sorry.
>>>> That just goes to show the meaning has gotten diluted from overuse, doesn't it.
> Absolutely, to the point that I wasn't even aware that there were other
> meanings you could read into it, and that's why I felt like such a dick
> once I had this pointed out to me.
> Like I said, I learned something, and as a consequence I'll need to find
> myself a new metaphor for "totalitarian"...
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