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Tue May 12 14:39:57 CEST 2009

roguemoko at wrote:
> On 8/05/2009 6:58 PM, David Garabana Barro wrote:
>> Some time ago, I have recommended several friends*NOT*  to buy a Freerunner,
>> because software was not ready. It was a great toy for me, but my friends
>> would get desperated. I think it's being open minded (and being a good
>> friend;)
>> If someone feels raped, he can press charges to OM. But complaining on a
>> community mailing list won't solve his problems. Don't you think?
> Way to chime in at the tail end. It's obvious with Dale's recent emails 
> that he's frustrated that nobody was listening or taking him seriously.
  Well, you are assuming facts not in evidence. Dale's case is somewhat 
special. The highlights are
 that dale wanted return after owning the product for 9 months ( more or 
less as I recall). The case
was complicated by the fact that Dale bought as part of a group purchase 
which means his name is
not in our customer database. rather the group leader's name is in the 
database. So, we have no way of
guaranteeing that a refund made to the group leader would be passed onto 
Dale. A while back I believe Tony Tu
tried to rectify the situation, but the offer he made was unacceptable 
to Dale. I'm here in TPE and I will
be discussing it with Sean.
> I witnessed his contributions and willingness to provide feedback, where 
> he was met with semantics and useless responses that then pushed him to 
> publicise his opinion and his situation. All still very obvious if you 
> have paid any attention.
> You're love for your device and your 'opinion' in no way solves the 
> problem that he had no outlet for recouping on a falsely advertised 
> device. Our laws entitle us to have our money refunded in such a 
> situation but this does not transcend international borders.
> I'd like to know where it is exactly you'd voice your dissent in such a 
> situation. I'm sure Dale can present you with an audit trail of emails, 
> trac tickets and the like, long before any of this actually started 
> publicly.
> To top it off, I reckon Dale would have assimilated (now that's a nasty 
> word over here) had Lorn admitted to the failings of QTE and been 
> willing to agree that people have differing opinions on the software's 
> 'usefulness', none of this would have ever happened.
> The one thing that should never occurred, and I imagine there are a few 
> people that agree here, is that the FR should never have been advertised 
> as a phone. Potential to become a phone maybe. This marketing oversight 
> would have saved a lot of trouble and time.
> I say oversight because the people who are supporting openmoko really 
> don't care whether it's a phone out of the box or not.
> Sarton
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