How to use mail

Vincent MEURISSE openmoko-community at
Tue May 12 15:08:37 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 12 May 2009 02:14:35 pm Robin Paulson wrote:
> i think we shouldn't badger flecktor over his choice of e-mail
> clients, it makes us sound like zealots
Of course he can choose the mail client he want. That's why I included 
multiple choices in my mail. I could have say "Use linux and kmail. This is 
the best combination in the world"(Which I believe but as you say 
everyone is free). 
During the past 20 days, there where 1700 messages under more than 
200 different subjects. I truly believe that it is impossible to read that 
without a decent client.  Threaded view is a 'must have' or you will be dead 
under messages. Some clients propose options such as 'ignore thread' 
which is really useful.
So he is free but remember : 'you will never win a F1 GP with a LADDA'


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