[Om2009] testing Release 3

Max max at darim.com
Wed May 13 12:18:47 CEST 2009

First of all thank you for hard work Angus.

I'd love to test om2009 but there are several questions I have to
clarify before. The problem is that right now I have to use om2008.12 as
my daily phone (this experience brings new depth into definition of
"annoyingly crappy software" but that's not the point). So before
switching to om2009 TR3 I need to make sure that there are no
regressions which would make my life with FR even worse (it's hard to
imagine but it's possible).

The very essential things I expect from om-whatever are:
- send and receive calls to\from phones in international format e. g.
starting with + like +790934534...
- read and create contacts both in English and Russian from both sim
card and internal db
- send and receive sms both in English and Russian
- lock and unlock screen by pressing aux button

I guess it's pretty common expectations and it sometimes work somehow
with om2008.12

So my question is - are above mentioned features available on om2009 TR3
Is there are some packages I need to install to achieve it or some
configuration tweaks needed?

If so - how to migrate contacts db and sms message archive from
om2008.12 to om2009?

As far as I understood it's recommended to flash om2009.
Is it possible to use sd instead? If so - where can I find instructions
on how to do it with om2009 TR3?

Going a bit further, is there plan to start supporting normal upgrade
via something like opkg upgrade since om2009 TR x?

There are also certain features lacking in om2008.12 which I'm really
looking forward to see in om2009 in addition to basics mentioned above:
- correctly receive call\sms in suspend mode e. g. wake up and work
- alarm clock working in suspend mode
- wi-fi with wpa2 working out-of-the-box
- some media player supporting ogg and mp3

It's not clear (maybe I miss something - feel free to point me to
appropriate info) if it is in om2009 TR 3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

best regards,

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