First release of Enscribi - handwriting recognition input method

Olof Sjobergh olofsj at
Wed May 13 16:01:13 CEST 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Russell Hay <russellh at> wrote:
> Hi Olof,  any chance of having english support added to this?
> Otherwise (as a non-hacker) can I contribute anything that'd support you in
> adding english support?


There's nothing stopping adding english support. I thought about
adding it myself. The only thing you need is stroke data for all the
letters, which are not so many for English. Then it would be possible
to make a new theme for English input as well (the letters are not as
large and complicated as for Japanese and Chinese, so you can get away
with a smaller drawing area for each letter).

So what's needed is stroke data for all the letters. I'm currently
experimenting with writing a stroke editor so it's easy to add new
characters. When this is done it would be quite simple to add new
characters. You'd just have to draw all the letters.

I'm currently on a business trip and wan't be able to work in it for
now, but when it's ready I'll post info about here on the mailing
list. At best, I'd say a few weeks from now, but that depends on how
much free time I get.



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