[neovento] nand space workaround?

Staley, Daniel L dlstal2 at uky.edu
Wed May 13 19:10:03 CEST 2009

I recently installed neovento, and I like what has been done!

However, because I flashed the neovento image to the nand, I am running pretty low on space for installing new packages (And with the debian repos open to me...it is surely quick to fill!)
My initial idea was to copy my /usr to the uSD card and then just mount it on boot.  I also looked at the mhddfs package (seems pretty neat....not sure if it would work well here or not)

But then i wondered if there was an easier way....surely someone has run into this already?  What other ways have people got around the internal nand size limitation?
(Besides just installing the whole thing on the uSD card)

Also, does anyone have experience with mhddfs and could comment on if it would work welll here?

-Dan Staley

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