Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Wed May 13 23:15:09 CEST 2009

On Wed, 13 May 2009 03:02:47 -0500
Rene Horn <the.rhorn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I already knew that.  I'm just wondering if anyone knows what's
> happened?
> Did they lose the domain?  whois records show Network Solutions as
> owning the domain.
host -t ns koolu.com
koolu.com name server ns5.mydyndns.org.
koolu.com name server ns1.mydyndns.org.
koolu.com name server ns2.mydyndns.org.
koolu.com name server ns3.mydyndns.org.
koolu.com name server ns4.mydyndns.org.

So koolu.com is hosted on dyndns ... and that one gives weird answers:

nslookup koolu.com ns3.mydyndns.org.
Server:		ns3.mydyndns.org.

*** Can't find koolu.com: No answer

nslookup www.koolu.com ns3.mydyndns.org.
Server:		ns3.mydyndns.org.

** server can't find www.koolu.com: NXDOMAIN

So, my guess is that it didn't get refreshed enough at dyndns. What a
way to promote a company though ...
koolu.org is still up, if you want the files.
But if koolu.com doesn't exist, sending mail to blahblah at koolu.com
won't get you anywhere as well ...


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