[Neovento-5.3] a quick try - lovely

clare johnstone claregj at gmail.com
Thu May 14 01:57:19 CEST 2009

Hi all, and author particularly;
The things I liked - the console font made more readable - and then it
got hidden by a pretty picture - how do I change that so I can read
the messages?
The black icon for brightness,
The screen locker, very neat, After locking it stayed bright but a
quick press of POW suspended it (it said that anyway) and a later
quick press recovered to usable.

The keyboard, interesting. This time I was able to change the keyboard
by putting a new one at .matchbox/keyboard.xml . Wonderful. and even
more wonderful, I replaced it with a copy of the one in the previous
version, and it came out shorter. So I was able to make the xterm 24
lines long instead of 13.  I have not yet looked at them to see how
that sizing is done but it will be obvious I expect.
The keyboard resize - please could it be made not quite so hairtrigger
in use? and could it come up lower on the screen? because I was
finding that to reduce the number of lines needed several tries.
Even better please tell me how to set the initial size of the
keyboard. (Although I now find I dont really need to do that, with the
shorter keyboard the current one fits.)

Not quite so good was the Menu item Accessories/keyboard. It got me a
keyboard, but I couldn't get rid of it, and pressing AUX which is what
I usually do for on and off keyboard looked like it got another one on
top of it but both now permanent. - reboot.

The change on the keyboard I really wanted was to replace something,
(and there are several possibles)  with  open and close angle
brackets. My first try a failure, the keyboard won't start, even using
a 3 character symbol already in use instead of the real anglebracket

The time. Based on previous I have saved localtime file and linked
localtime to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth.  That got me WST
time. good. AND it survived reboot. much better -  I have been
wondering who wanted the time on Lord Howe Island...

But on another reboot (and I don't know what was different) I am back
on Lord Howe -  and it is the problem I had in  the previous version,
localtime has been overwitten and with it the file
I am now keeping a copy of that on  /mnt/sdcard for immediate use
until the problem is fixed.

more later, no time now - Thanks very much it is really exciting;

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