[neovento] nand space workaround?

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Thu May 14 02:21:04 CEST 2009

On Wed, 13 May 2009 13:10:03 -0400
"Staley, Daniel L" <dlstal2 at uky.edu> wrote:

> I recently installed neovento, and I like what has been done!
> However, because I flashed the neovento image to the nand, I am
> running pretty low on space for installing new packages (And with the
> debian repos open to me...it is surely quick to fill!) My initial
> idea was to copy my /usr to the uSD card and then just mount it on
> boot.  I also looked at the mhddfs package (seems pretty neat....not
> sure if it would work well here or not)
> But then i wondered if there was an easier way....surely someone has
> run into this already?  What other ways have people got around the
> internal nand size limitation? (Besides just installing the whole
> thing on the uSD card)
> Also, does anyone have experience with mhddfs and could comment on if
> it would work welll here?
> Thanks,
> -Dan Staley

Does it use opkg to install packages?  If so, try adding "dest
sd /media/card" to /etc/opkg/opkg.conf, then use "opkg -d sd install
{opkgname}".  The default opkg.conf just has "dest root /" but you can
define other destinations with "dest {name} {path}".  I'm assuming that
enough of the original ipkg code remains that it would correctly install
using /media/card/ in place of /, and symlink where necessary.
(I've not tested)

dpkg offers --instdir and --root options, but AFAIK it doesn't ensure
that the result is accessible. ($PATH, configs, etc)


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