[Neovento-5.3] a quick try - lovely

reznor schumi_8_2005 at gmx.de
Thu May 14 02:26:51 CEST 2009

clare johnstone wrote:
> The things I liked - the console font made more readable - and then it
> got hidden by a pretty picture - how do I change that so I can read
> the messages?
> The black icon for brightness,
> The screen locker, very neat, After locking it stayed bright but a
> quick press of POW suspended it (it said that anyway) and a later
> quick press recovered to usable. 
The font option is quite new in the debian on freerunner script, I like that
Actually, when you see the picture, X already started some time ago. Isn't
that enough text to read until then? ^^
It's a pity the openmoko-panel-plugin development seems to have stopped.
It's a great app.

clare johnstone wrote:
> The keyboard, interesting. This time I was able to change the keyboard
> by putting a new one at .matchbox/keyboard.xml . Wonderful. and even
> more wonderful, I replaced it with a copy of the one in the previous
> version, and it came out shorter. So I was able to make the xterm 24
> lines long instead of 13.  I have not yet looked at them to see how
> that sizing is done but it will be obvious I expect.
> The keyboard resize - please could it be made not quite so hairtrigger
> in use? and could it come up lower on the screen? because I was
> finding that to reduce the number of lines needed several tries.
> Even better please tell me how to set the initial size of the
> keyboard. (Although I now find I dont really need to do that, with the
> shorter keyboard the current one fits.)
The keyboard was designed to be fingerfriendly, that makes it so huge.
The size is actually hard coded, you could change some values in the sources
to get a smaller keyboard.
I don't know if the sizing is that obvious, it seems to be relate to the
space bar somehow indirectly or directly.
The keyboard will (may) be improved by some fellow on the fyp boards.

clare johnstone wrote:
> Not quite so good was the Menu item Accessories/keyboard. It got me a
> keyboard, but I couldn't get rid of it, and pressing AUX which is what
> I usually do for on and off keyboard looked like it got another one on
> top of it but both now permanent. - reboot. 
Yes, that's the reason why there was not such a button before. But I find it
useful for kinds of exceptional cases.

clare johnstone wrote:
> The change on the keyboard I really wanted was to replace something,
> (and there are several possibles)  with  open and close angle
> brackets. My first try a failure, the keyboard won't start, even using
> a 3 character symbol already in use instead of the real anglebracket
> one.
You wanted to change something in the keyboard.xml? That's tricky sometimes.
You have to delete everything within the quotes.

clare johnstone wrote:
> The time. Based on previous I have saved localtime file and linked
> localtime to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth.  That got me WST
> time. good. AND it survived reboot. much better -  I have been
> wondering who wanted the time on Lord Howe Island...
> But on another reboot (and I don't know what was different) I am back
> on Lord Howe -  and it is the problem I had in  the previous version,
> localtime has been overwitten and with it the file
> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth.
> I am now keeping a copy of that on  /mnt/sdcard for immediate use
> until the problem is fixed.
That's some problem I would not have thought of.
I have to get a look at that.

clare johnstone wrote:
> more later, no time now - Thanks very much it is really exciting;
thanks for feedback.

I really have to get some sleep now. -.-

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