USB networking now creates eth1 on host (was: Re: [neovento 5] applications!)

reznor schumi_8_2005 at
Thu May 14 13:17:43 CEST 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Why do you suggest this instead of using the correct method?!
Why didn't you suggest the correct method before, though you knew the
correct method all the time???

Paul Fertser wrote:
> The guy obviously got eth1 on host. Every time. He should have used it
> instead of finding older incorrectly working versions of bootloaders.
> The reason is simple: since Qi was fixed to properly provide
> factory-configured MAC address for the usb networking interface, it's
> detected on the host as it should, every time udev sees that device
> it'll assign the same static interface to it (in the simplest case
> it'll be eth1), that's the main improvement actually! 
Ok, Ill try that.

Paul Fertser wrote:
> I wonder why you neovento guys don't read kernel mailing list, devel
> mailing list where this was elaborated in details, why you never come
> to IRC to discuss low-level issues etc.
Lack of motivation and time. This is only some hobby, we spend as much time
in it as we consider being appropriate. You guys can just ignore the
neovento guys. So what's the problem?
As long there won't be any usable distributions for my freerunner, I'll make
my own. Easy, right?
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