USB networking now creates eth1 on host

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu May 14 13:25:08 CEST 2009

reznor <schumi_8_2005 at> writes:
> Paul Fertser wrote:
>> Why do you suggest this instead of using the correct method?!
> Why didn't you suggest the correct method before, though you knew the
> correct method all the time???

Sorry, i was a bit busy and the thread called "neovento apps" wasn't
of the most interest to me so i've read it a bit later, just
that. Moreover, the problem is obvious from the host's dmesg.

>> I wonder why you neovento guys don't read kernel mailing list, devel
>> mailing list where this was elaborated in details, why you never come
>> to IRC to discuss low-level issues etc.
> Lack of motivation and time. This is only some hobby, we spend as much time
> in it as we consider being appropriate. You guys can just ignore the
> neovento guys. So what's the problem?
> As long there won't be any usable distributions for my freerunner, I'll make
> my own. Easy, right?

Heh, my remark wasn't meant to be offensive, take it easy ;)

The problem is that i feel neovento guys are separating from the
developers community by not using our mailing lists and IRC. I've
heard you're using some web-forum (is it really true?) i can't imagine
you'll get any help from the other devs using such a crappy method.

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