USB networking now creates eth1 on host

reznor schumi_8_2005 at
Thu May 14 13:51:34 CEST 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Heh, my remark wasn't meant to be offensive, take it easy ;)
> The problem is that i feel neovento guys are separating from the
> developers community by not using our mailing lists and IRC. I've
> heard you're using some web-forum (is it really true?) i can't imagine
> you'll get any help from the other devs using such a crappy method.
neovento is not such a professional distribution like all the others like
SHR, Android, OM and so on. Additionally it is quite new. I started it just
about four months ago as a one man fun thing. That it actually turned into
something useful for some people is nice. I think you have a completely
wrong idea of the whole thing.

We have one thread on the fyp forum, that's right. It's just for some
communication within that community. I actually don't know what's crappy on
that and why we need so much help from the devs? When there were issues I
just mailed into the debianonfreerunner mailinglist and got response.

Excuse me, but for not wanting to be offensive you are writing some really
arrogant crap.

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