[FSO/SHR] ogpsd/fso-gpsd: can't get 4Hz sample rate

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Thu May 14 18:18:26 CEST 2009

Citando Helge Hafting <helge.hafting at hist.no>:

> Ouch.
> Having the framework _managing_ the gps (turn on/off, configure,...) is
> fine. But why regenerate the data, what is wrong with pass-through?  The
> more cpu work, the more delays. And the gps may very well be used for
> real-time purposes. And of course, 100% of the cpu is not available, so
> it is hard to know how much extra work is "too much".
>> You could try uninstalling fso-gpsd, installing "normal" gpsd and
>> somehow persuading frameworkd to not touch the gps (don't konw if
>> setting the GPS to off is enough...)
> And the ideal fix would be framework support, so you just tell it you
> want 4HZ updates and from then on you get that.

Helge, you're quite right, but gpspipe is a legacy application, and  
the preferred way is to sit on the DBUS interface for signals.
I'm just using gpspipe because I already had a nice script to import  
data in NMEA format. ;)
I suppose the FSO people will "strongly suggest" that users stick to  
the DBUS instead of consuming NMEA text, and that's what makes sense  
(even according to your own optimization rationale). So, asap, I'm  
going to code my app in python to use DBUS and avoid all this NMEA  
nonsense from the start.

But the problem remains: ogpsd does not accept more than one position  
change per second.... and so I opened the ticket.

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