[Om2009] testing Release 3

Max max at darim.com
Fri May 15 10:08:12 CEST 2009

В Срд, 13/05/2009 в 09:16 -0600, Angus Ainslie пишет:
> Hey I just put the lego together you should be thanking Mirko, and the FSO 
> team.

Sure guys - all kudos - that's foundation.
I hope I'll be able to use all the shiny features one day.

> > - lock and unlock screen by pressing aux button
> AUX button has other uses

Is there a way to configure AUX usage?
Not necessarily via guy - I have no problems editing configs if I have
clear documentation with examples.

> Yes running on an SD card is no problem, and is the method I would recommend 
> if you just want to test it,  and is the same as any other distro in that 
> regard. The instructions vary depend on what bootloader so check the wiki.

I'm sorry if missed obvious part but what do I do with uSD card - should
I just create single ext2 partition and untar TRx there?

I already tried booting from uSD during upgrade to moko11 so this part
looks pretty easy.

> It is unlikely that mp3 will ever be supported out of the box. What I'm 
> looking at right now is to ship an mplayer or gstreamer frontend and you will 
> need to install the mp3 functionality from a different distro.

I'm used to same situation in ubuntu. Are there one-stop-shop solution
for us patent idiocy like medibuntu.org? Luckily local laws do not have
(yet?) idiotic software patents so I do not see trouble in creating
local version (something like fedora's respin) one day.

best regards,

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